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Language is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication. It can be seen through mannerisms or understood through codes. You can use sign language, or other forms, but the most powerful form of communication is verbal. Some say life and death are in the power of the tongue; words can make you smile or force a frown. They have the ability to make you laugh or cry. They have the power to lift up or put down, to motivate or de-motivate, the power to teach good or evil, the power to express love or hate, the power to give or take and the power to heal or harm. It is imperative that you choose your words carefully and understand that once words are said it is very difficult to ever take them back! Often times, we allow our emotions to dictate what we say, not realizing how much damage we can cause. This includes what we say to ourselves as well!

From the time we are children, we have been told to think before we speak. However, sometimes it is our thinking that causes the problem. Effective immediately, we need to be conscious of what we are feeding ourselves and conscious of what we are allowing into our world. Purify your thoughts and the words will follow. As Mahatma Gandhi eloquently put it, “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values.” You are in total control of your life’s direction. Use your powers for good and be the Best You Yet!

As we transition into the first part of our Best You Yet experience, we challenge you to use your words for good. To get started, take the Best You Yet pledge.

Read the pledge aloud and affirm that now is the time to live your best life! With this pledge, you are telling yourself and the world that you will maximize your full potential and be the best that you can possibly be. You are making a commitment to proper money management and positive thinking. On behalf of your future self, thank you for taking this first step.

best you yet pledge

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