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Money Mondays Ep59 – Changing the Game: The New Rules of Credit

June 5, 2017

Does your credit score need a boost? Well your prayers may have been answered! On this episode of Money Mondays with Ash Cash, Ash gives you the new rules of credit and how your score can be affected after July...

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Money Mondays Ep58 – The Investors Starter Kit: How to Start Investing with $200 or Less

May 22, 2017

Investing is a great tool to help you achieve financial freedom but is it expensive to start? On this episode of #MoneyMondays w/ Ash Cash Ash gives you seven ways to start investing with $200 or less. Listen in as...

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Getting Your (Business) Feet Wet: How to Jump-start Your Side-hustle!

May 9, 2017

As you go through life, part of your journey should be striving to be better than you were yesterday. That’s why we encourage you to be the best you yet! The goal should be to maximize YOUR full potential and...

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Creating True Financial Freedom

April 14, 2017

What does financial freedom mean to you? Is it having a big house? A luxury car? All of the money in the world? Or is it something else? I remember hearing a story about a young man and his wealthy...

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The Art of the Smooth Move: How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Any Bridges

March 31, 2017

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things to do. Even in those cases where we know goodbye is in our best interest, many people still dread making it happen. When it comes to leaving a job, you want...

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15 Creative Ways to Make Money

March 24, 2017

Getting a handle on your finances is an important aspect of living a financially free life. Most often, the emphasis is usually on cutting back expenses in order to make ends meet, but what if I told you there was...

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The Power of a Pledge

March 7, 2017

Language is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication. It can be seen through mannerisms or understood through codes. You can use sign language, or other forms, but the most powerful form of communication is verbal....

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Become the Undisputed Champion of Black Friday

November 23, 2016

Black Friday can be a great day for your finances or it can set you back tremendously. The path you take and how well you control your emotions on this day, is entirely up to you. You can come out...

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Money Mondays Ep. 27 – Sealing the Deal: 7 Steps to Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job

September 5, 2016

On this episode of Money Mondays w/ Ash Cash, Ash gives you seven steps to turn your internship into a full-time job. Tune in as Ash discusses: How problem solving can take you a long way Why fitting into the company...

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Money Mondays Ep. 26 – Is Homeownership Overrated?

August 29, 2016

In the last Money Mondays episode, Ash Cash spoke about the strength of the housing market and gave you six questions to ask yourself to see if you were credit-ready to buy a home. Since then, the number one question has...

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