3 Ways to Be a Decent Human Being

I tend to notice free things in life more naturally as someone who works for a no-fee, mobile bank. Sure, that includes free gifts with a purchase and other tangible-type freebie goods, but it also includes free things like concepts that fall into an intangible human nature bucket as well—like good ole human decency. I had one of those moments recently when I crossed paths with someone and wondered where the heck they were raised with those manners. That encounter, along with many others in the past, served as the inspiration for this commentary.

The good news: it doesn’t cost a dime to be a decent human being.

The sad news: some people avoid being a decent human like it’s extremely out of their budget.

Please enjoy these three ways to be a decent human being.

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decent human

Being polite is the cornerstone of being a decent human being. From a very young age, we were taught to precede any requests with a ‘please’ to avoid being seen as demanding little thing. Of course, the hope is that you carry this fundamental skill through to your adult life. After all, people will be much less tolerant of an adult who has decided to disregard the power of please, than a child who’s learning how to be polite. Say please, please!

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human decency

Appreciation is key in this world and it’s incredible how far a simple ‘thank you’ can go in your daily life. Please know that a thank you doesn’t have to be an elaborate, expensive gesture. But rather, an effective thank you should fall more in the realm of being timely and sincere—and feel free to throw in a little creativity if you have the time. I’m talking about that thank you email or text that doesn’t take a crazy amount of time to craft and send, that sincere hand shake, that written message on a sticky note or scrap of paper, or that verbal thank you that you should be firing off right in the moment. Saying thank you is simple, but really quite important. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

– 3 –

be a decent human

If you’re reading this, your success rate of making it through any and all life situations to see the other side (whatever that side may be) is 100%. Go you! Now, flash back to some of those situations and the sides you wound up on… some may not have been what you hoped for, right? All isn’t lost, however, because the time is always now. That said, having an optimistic, open point of view when in the mix of any and all situations will help the specifics of the outcome be more in line with what you hope for. But remember, a situation doesn’t always just involve you. In fact, there’s an unspoken responsibility for you to keep in mind that everyone has their own struggles going on as well. That means your open mind needs to flow outside of your world’s bubble and into the nature of the interactions you have with others, to take into consideration their world, too.

Don’t be one of those people that inspired this post, please. And thank you so much for reading this. May you keep an open mind as you keep minding your manners. (See what I did there?)

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All company/product/service mentions in this post are not intended as an endorsement and the views of that company do not represent the views of BankMobile or Customers Bank.