This Millenial is Leading Mobile Banking Charge at BankMobile

Luvleen Sidhu, our Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, was recently interviewed about leading the mobile banking charge. Being a Millennial herself, she is able to offer valuable insight into what this generation is looking for when it comes to a bank, and isn’t afraid to disrupt the banking industry with BankMobile. Find out how she’s leading the mobile banking charge in Upstart Business Journal:


How This Millennial Is Leading the Mobile Banking Charge

Luvleen Sidhu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, BankMobile
Luvleen Sidhu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, BankMobile

“The research is undeniable that mobile is truly revolutionizing our world,” says Luvleen Sidhu, chief strategy officer, BankMobile. “However the problem is banks are slow to adopt to this trend and because of this they have lost loyal customers, especially millennials.”

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