Inspiration in the Zappos Culture: Bankmobile Mobile Banking

When the concept of BankMobile began, the team looked at companies outside of the industry that were succeeding using technology while provide an amazing customer service experience. One of those companies is Zappos. So when the team was in Vegas for the Money 2020 conference, we took a detour to tour Zappos to learn about how they built their company culture and core values.


The Zappos Tour

The tour began with our culture guides showing us a few videos on the history of Zappos, from their humble beginnings in San Francisco to their expansion and move to Las Vegas. The unique culture of Zappos begins with their core values, which we were able to see in action, first-hand as we toured their facility. Here’s a peek inside one of the most loved brands in the country.

BankMobile at Zappos office tour
When employees are hired, their tie is cut and displayed on this wall to remind them that this is not a suit and tie kinda place.
Bank Mobile at Zappos office, Las Vegas
To strive for open communication, Zappos believes in having an open floor plan designed by their employees.


Zappos Tour - BankMobile
To remain creative, a little weird, and have fun, the team uses their office walls as an art gallery where local artists and employees can get in on the fun.
Zappos tour, VIP BankMobile team
At the end of the tour, you’re invited to become a Zappos VIP in the king chair to remember your trip. Here’s the BankMobile team’s photo.


Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

The Zappos tour served as great inspiration to embed our core values and mission  to deliver a remarkable customer experience that makes people say, “WOW, I finally found an effortless and transparent bank!” Here’s what the Zappos culture is all about, or you can see it in person when you book a Vegas tour.

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